Showing respect is an important aspect of martial arts training.

School Rules and Regulations

1) Bow to the flags before entering and leaving the Dojang.

2) Bow to instructors.

3) Address instructors as Kwan Ja Nim, Sa Bum Nim, or Kyo Bum Nim.

4) Respect higher ranks, especially the instructor.

5) Keep uniforms clean at all times. Uniforms are required during class.

6) Do not wear shoes in the Dojang.

7) Do not face instructor when tying belt or fixing uniform.

8) No unnecessary talking in the Dojang.

9) No food, drink, or gum chewing in the Dojang.

10) No smoking in the Dojang.

11) No profanity in the Dojang.

12) No free sparring allowed without protective equipment or instructor permission.

13) Report to instructor when unable to attend a class.

Seven Home Rules for Children

1) Children shall greet their parents with "Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!" when they enter the house and tell their parents "Goodbye!" when they leave.

2) Children will always be respectful of their parents, teachers, and elders.

3) Children will be kind to their brothers and sisters.

4) Children will keep their household neat and clean.

5) Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily.

6) Children will not interrupt adult conversations.

7) Children shall fix the recipe for straight A's daily!

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